Year 9 - Careers

Did you miss the Fast Tomato session?

If so, don't panic as you can do this at home and also look at "E-Clips" which was the other computer programme that we explored in those sessions.
To have a go at "Fast Tomato" go to
Ask to SIGN UP in the top right hand corner and then enter the code TRSG. The system will then ask you some details including an email address which is used if you forget your username and password that the system will give you. 
When this is generated it is useful to either write it down or take a quick snapshot of it on your phone for future reference. 
Proceed to the page where you can start the "Aspirations Questionnaire" which is a series of very simple questions about your likes and dislikes. It helps to answer these quite briskly and to vary the answers so that the system does not have to try and build a report based on lots of the same responses. 
When you have finished the questions the system will allow you to view what your answers have revealed in a report showing a bar chart of the different traits and characteristics that you seem to have. There is also a written summary for you to read and you can print this page if you want to keep it. 
To find the list of careers that are suggested for you go to the CAREERS tab on the left hand side at the top and immediately you will be asked to input some further information about the level of studies that you plan to take in future. This is done so that you can be given job titles to look at which reflect the level of qualifications that you feel you will be able to achieve. 
The first question will ask about the level of GCSE's you might gain, the next asks if you are planning to go to college in future and if so whether you are likely to take more ACADEMIC courses (more theory/exam-based) such as A-Levels or a course that is more practical leading you towards a job which is described as VOCATIONAL. Finally you will be asked if you plan to go to into Higher Education (for example University) and you can choose different courses here that you might take. A "competitive degree" describes one which requires the top grades for entry such as Medical, Veterinary or Dental degree courses. 
The next screen will show you a list of careers that seem an appropriate match and you can click onto the job titles to show additional information about the role, salary and further details. There are additional questionnaires that you can do on Workstyle, Workplace and Priorities and you can also add qualification titles that you are planning to take. The results might not be what you expected and this could be because you are not as fully aware of the content of a job and need to do a bit more research???
This is where "ECLIPS" is useful which is a data base of careers information that you can find at
Ask to Login at the top right hand side and use the school post code to access the system which is SO51 8ZB (make sure you leave the space as written) To explore different careers use the A-Z index from where you can read or print information leaflets on the jobs you are researching. Again these contain details on training, qualifications and websites that might interest you. 

Again there are other sections on this system that you can explore including "Careers Wizard" and information on different aspects of education and work such as how to write a CV and deal with interviews.