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Teaching & Learning

“Delivering high impact lessons in which all students work really hard and make exceptional progress”

At The Romsey School we prioritise our Teaching and Learning, aspiring to be the best teachers we can possibly be. We proactively engage with research, use coaching to improve our craft, and have a dedicated Research Lead Team to lead professional development, alongside our Curriculum Leaders whose core purpose is to optimise the learning and teaching for their subject. Every element of our professional development is designed to maximise learning in the classroom, and to push our student learning to ensure that they aspire: “developing confidence, ambition and a desire to go further than others think is possible.” 

We ensure that we meet all the Teaching Standards (Part 1 & 2) and we optimise our practice within The Romsey School “six areas of focus” as outlined below:

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With that baseline achieved, each member of the teaching team then spends the year focusing on further improving one area of teaching and learning, developing effective habits, and improving the implementation of that technique. We focus on “improving, not proving”.

Whilst teaching, all teachers ask themselves these questions which elicit further reflection for improvement: 

What are they all learning? 

Are they all thinking hard? 

How do I know they understand? 

The following descriptions show our aspirations for the classroom. Within the six focus areas we use a variety of techniques, outlined in our ‘Active Ingredients’. These ‘Active Ingredients’ are research based principles and guide our teachers in maximising learning in lessons. Please note that teachers focus on one area to develop over the year, so may not be using all of the techniques listed currently.

 At The Romsey School all teachers are learners, constantly seeking to improve our practice and sharing ideas to ensure optimum provision for our youngsters.