Shared Ethos

We value our smart school uniform as it ensures that all of our pupils feel an equal part of our school community. Wearing a uniform teaches you to be smart and ensures that you are ready to approach your learning with a professional mind-set. Pupils are, therefore, expected to wear the official school uniform for the full five years that you attend the school. It should be worn correctly both in school and on the journey to and from school.

General Uniform Considerations

Ties  The Romsey School portcullis should be clearly visible in its entirety below the knot.
Coats   should be plain and worn over, not instead of, blazers. Large designs and motifs are not acceptable. Leather and denim jackets are not acceptable.
Hoodies (including zip-up designs) are not an acceptable part of the school uniform or PE kit and are not be brought to school or used instead of a coat. This includes any hooded garment which is made of sweatshirt material and which is not a waterproof coat. If worn, these will be removed by a member of staff and placed
in reception for the pupil to collect at the end of the day.
Hats & Scarves should be removed inside buildings and are not to be worn unless accompanying an exterior coat.
Headscarves/Hijab/Turbans/Braids can be worn for religious or cultural purposes. These should be in theschool colours of black, grey, white or burgundy. Braids should be in the colour of natural hair.
Hairstyles should be smart and suitable for a professional working environment. Extremes in hairstyle and colour are not acceptable. This includes shaved heads shorter than grade 2, tramlines, coloured braiding, hair extensions or unnatural hair colour. Hair length should be broadly similar across the head with no extreme or obvious differences in length. Length change should be gradual. If students are considering a new hair style (and they are unsure whether it will fit within the school’s guidelines), they should speak to their Tutor or Progress Leader before their appointment.
Hair Bands/ Accessories Hair bands or accessories, should be subtle and correspond with school colours of black, grey, white or burgundy. Permanent hair adornments (such as beads and clips) are not permitted.
Jewellery/Accessories The school policy is that jewellery should be kept to an absolute minimum for health and safety reasons. The school will allow the following:
One charity band may be worn. Wrist/ankle bracelets are not acceptable.
One plain ring may be worn on the hand with no edges or ornamentation that might cause cuts or scratches on contact. These must be removed for PE.
Two ear studs are allowed to be worn around the outside edge of the ear. These must be removed for PE. Stretchers, bars, conches or tragus earrings are not permitted.
No facial jewellery e.g. nose studs, eyebrow studs, tongue studs, retainers etc. Other piercings are inappropriate for school and will need to be removed. Jewellery on teeth is not permitted. Any pupil not following these rules will be asked to remove any such items.
Braces may be worn provided they are plain and a school colour (black, grey or burgundy)
Make-up Where make up is worn it should be subtle and natural looking. If it is noticeable, pupils will be asked to remove it before going to lessons. Eye liner (including “flicks”), false eyelashes, nail varnish, acrylics, gel nails, fake nails (including ceramics & gels) and lipstick should not be worn. Natural nails should not be so long as to be a Health and Safety issue. Visible tattoos, temporary tattoos and/or henna are not an acceptable part of the uniform. Should students wish to wear henna for special cultural reasons
they need to approach their Progress Leader with a parental letter requesting special permission prior to having this applied.

Specific Uniform Guidance

Blazer Black with school badge and house colour on pocket
Shirt Plain white with buttons and collar. It should be tucked in at all times
Trousers Black, No jeans or cords. No large belt buckles. No tightly fitting/skinny style trousers
Kilt Burgundy & gold kilt from uniform suppliers only (knee length).
Shorts Black tailored, knee length shorts (for Summer Term only) (available at Skoolkit)
Socks  Plain black socks with no frills or adornments that can be ankle to knee high in length. Sports/trainer socks or over-the-knee socks are not allowed.
Tights Black – 40 denier or higher
Tie Burgundy tie with gold portcullis
Shoes Black sensible leather school shoes. Heel height not to exceed 2 inches measured from the instep. Lace-ups or sensible slip-on shoes with non-slip soles. Sling backs, unnecessary buckles or decorations and suede are not acceptable. Boots, trainers and pumps are also not acceptable.

Pullover Plain grey V neck jumper. No cardigans or sweatshirts

Physical Education Kit

Maroon Rugby Shirt with white stripe for football, rugby and hockey

Black Shorts For all activities
Maroon Socks For football, rugby and hockey
White Polo Shirt For all indoor activities and Summer Physical Education
N.B these are available in ‘boys or girls style/cut’

White ankle socks For indoor Physical Education
Footwear For all PE lessons pupils require suitable athletic trainers with good grip and
ankle support. For rugby and football all players require studded footwear

Tracksuits/Athletic jumpers
Romsey School logo items available from our suppliers or a plain black suitable

Performance Bottoms/ Leggings
Romsey School performance bottoms are available in a male cut and Romsey
School leggings are available in the female cut (but these are not compulsory).
Where leggings are worn these may only be with the Romsey logo.


  • The wearing of shin pads is compulsory for football and hockey and we also strongly advise the wearing of a mouth guard for rugby and hockey. We have gum shield available through the PE Department for £1 and shin pads for £2.50.
  • During winter months, for outdoor sports, pupils may wear Romsey School black sports jumpers (though an alternative black sports jumper will be acceptable) and black jogging bottoms over the top of their PE kit to keep warm. Pupils may wear the Romsey School logo leggings as an alternative to the shorts.
  • Gymnastics is done in bare feet while all other activities require suitable sport trainers.
    All pupils are encouraged to bring a towel, this is particularly important for outdoor winter games.
  • All kit must be properly named and labelled so that we may return misplaced items of clothing.
    Pupils who have attended PE lessons during the school day should change back into their normal uniform before travelling home

Pupils must wear clean, correct PE kit every lesson (even when ill or injured) so they can take an active part in the lesson and fully participate once they return to full health. This way, School uniform is not damaged whilst standing on muddy pitches and any illness won’t worsen as pupils will have dry uniform to change back into. Only at the School’s discretion ie severe injury or illness, may this rule not apply.

Physical education is compulsory – only in exceptional circumstances will alternative arrangements be made for pupils. Pupils will remain with their teaching groups and participate in the role of coach or official (scorer, timekeeper or manager) for the activity as is evident in the professional world of sport.

Finally, non-participation due to any injury and illness requires a note, as well as kit. Any notes to excuse participation should be written in your child's planner and handed to your teacher at the beginning of the lesson. We ask that these letters are signed and dated by the Parent/ Carer.

Specialised Subjects 

Dance, Technology & Science - Appropriate clothing as specified by staff must be
worn for these subjects.

Year 9 Dance

Pupils are expected to wear either: plain black leggings, black Romsey School leggings, black tracksuit bottoms or PE shorts. They may wear plain black or white T'shirts or vests or the Romsey School white polo shirt. Crop tops or cropped t shirts are not permitted.

Year 10 & 11 GCSE Dance

Within GCSE Dance it is important to be able to see the posture and body alignment. Therefore pupils studying Dance GCSE should wear leotards (or a plain white or black vest) and leggings. Crop tops or cropped t shirts are not permitted. Supportive sports tops/bras as undergarments are encouraged for the girls.

Uniform Suppliers

D W Stevenson Limited (01727 853262) https://www.stevensons.co.uk/Schools/the-romsey-school-romsey/67

Direct 4 Logos, Romsey Industrial Estate (01794 511550) www.direct4logos.com/

Financial Assistance for Uniform

If you are receiving Free School Meals, a limited amount of financial assistance is available to help provide the essential clothing or footwear needed to attend school. Applications are considered at the beginning of year 7, 9 and 10 and forms are available from the school. If a request is agreed then a voucher is issued that can be used at Direct4Logo's in Romsey.

If families have any difficulty in providing essential items of clothing or footwear for Physical Education, a limited amount of financial assistance may also be available.

Please contact the school office for information about this either by phone or email: adminoffice@romsey.hants.sch.uk